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Karin Carter Art

Slightly Suspicious - Clay Figure Sculpture

Slightly Suspicious - Clay Figure Sculpture

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This surreal sculpture of a face on feet would like to know why you are staring.

Everybody's different, right? He's a little tired of being told there's something off about him--maybe the lack of a torso? Nothing behind the perfectly attractive face? Having a blue, white, and beige body and only one eye shouldn't make any difference. Even though he has to buy extra wide shoes, there's nothing too strange about his feet.

He's made of clay with a lot of grog so he's textured. Grog is fired clay that's broken up into tiny pieces (smaller than the head of a pin) and put into raw clay to add firmness. 


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This painted clay sculpture measures 9.5 inches wide, 5 inches deep, and 9 inches high.

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