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Karin Carter Art

Abstract Mixed Media Painting - Seed Pods Ascending

Abstract Mixed Media Painting - Seed Pods Ascending

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This painting was born in a class assignment to draw without looking at the object. I was in a class at a junior college, so many of the students were 18 or 19 years old, and let's just say I was not that age. Everyone drew their object, and then most of them stopped and waited for the teacher to give more instructions.

I was fascinated by the sort-of-accurate and sort-of-crazy results of my first drawing and didn't stop until the class moved on to the next exercise. When I got home I added colored pencil to the black and white drawings, cut them out of the notebook, and then laid them on red fabric and other backgrounds. I finally settled on a subdued painted background that echoed some of the colors in the drawings. 

And here they are, these floating, odd, but recognizable seed pods. Well, maybe only recognizable because you know what they are. 


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Measures 16 inches wide by 16 inches tall by .75 inches deep

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