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Karin Carter Art

Blossoming: Contemporary Clay Sculpture, Woman's Face

Blossoming: Contemporary Clay Sculpture, Woman's Face

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Peace and contemplation personified She is part of a series where man/nature intersect, with her face being revealed within a flower bud.

When Covid shut down the figure sculpture class I was in, I ended up alone* at the kitchen table, without a model. I'd been envisioning-and making-pieces where people grew horns and wooden geometric nests held eggs. This was my first piece where I created a person budding like a flower.

* Although there were no fellow sculptors, I was actually rarely alone because my husband and I were living in my childhood home taking care of my dad. He sat for hours at the other end of the table and watched me work. It motivated him to try his hand at pottery again, which he'd done very skillfully in the 70s and the 90s.

The clay has heavy grog, meaning it's full of little round pieces of fired clay that is ground up and added to raw clay. The texture shows best in the last photo, the closeup.


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Painted clay on wooden base, 5 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 12.5 inches tall.

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