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Karin Carter Art

Abstract Mixed Media Painting - Hey, Turn Down the Music

Abstract Mixed Media Painting - Hey, Turn Down the Music

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Layering. Start with reds and yellows on black that barely peep through the earthy green circles. The circles are inspired by the airplane view of farmland, where some watering systems create circles of color. Two lines of text are cut from paper bags, and the chair is stitched onto another section of paper bag.

There's also a layer of meaning here, a political reference, but I leave it to you to interpret or ignore as you wish.

(When I was making art quilts, I learned about free-motion quilting: drop your feed dogs and move the fabric under the needle by hand. Now you can draw with thread. But do it under pressure because your "drawing" is happening while your presser foot and your hands block your view, and if you pause while stitching, the needle will make a hole in your paper. And no stopping and starting; do it all in one go. Enjoy! Ha, typing this makes me want to do it again.)

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