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Karin Carter Art

A Forest, Walking - Surreal Clay Sculpture of Feet / Tree

A Forest, Walking - Surreal Clay Sculpture of Feet / Tree

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What happens when Covid shuts down the figure sculpture class? Wild things, playful things, new things. Are feet like roots? Perhaps. 

I had been taking a figure sculpting class where a model posed in the middle of the room. When I found myself at the kitchen table, no class and no teacher, I didn't want to take on a whole figure. Hands and feet started appearing of their own volition and I found myself very interested. In the figure class, hands and feet were at most an inch long (faces, too!) so making them six inches long, as I did here, was quite the learning experience.  

I should mention that my husband and I were doing caregiving for my dad at this time, so I wasn't actually alone at the kitchen table. My dad sat in his usual spot, watching. Watching. Watching. He got a lot of enjoyment out of watching me work and it inspired him to try again to throw pots. He'd done it in the 70s and the 90s and was a natural.


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This all-white painted clay sculpture measures 11 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 7.5 inches high. 

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